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"Ever had that moment where you're searching for the perfect word to describe something but it just won't come? That's what happened when [Adjective] Wolf was conceived. I was trying to brainstorm the perfect name for my brand new acrylic jewellery brand and just couldn't find the right word. I tried to explain it and kept saying it will be "'Something' Wolf" or "You know... an adjective... Wolf". Eventually, it just stuck. Now [Adjective] Wolf is a brand where you can insert your own adjective: fun, quirky, cute, whimsical... the list is never ending!"

-PJ [Adjective] Wolf's Designer and Creator  



[Adjective] Wolf  jewellery is designed and made in Brisbane, Australia by me, PJ: an avid bookworm, obsessive scribbler and earring addict. I love designing and working with acrylic and resin to create fun, unique and adorable accessories that add a bit of personality and whimsy to any outfit. 

I have been drawing and designing jewellery since I was in primary school and loves nothing more than sharing my creations with others. When I'm not creating, I am sharing my passion for fun and creativity with my students as a high school teacher. [Adjective] Wolf is my first label. 

Each [Adjective] Wolf piece is designed and assembled with care and passion and I hope you love your pieces as much as I loved creating them.